Friday, February 11, 2011

Random pics from last day in Jinan

Just some pictures I took on my last day in Jinan.

Here is a fantastic example of a street vendor. Notice this thing is all on the back of a three wheeled motorcycle, most vendors are on some kind of wheeled vehicle, often human powered. This is a seller of popped corn and rice. The popped rice is just like Rice Crispies cereal, only it's not treated with additives or whatever to stay crispy in milk. The popped corn is naturally sweeter than back home and makes a good snack; it also worked well as a breakfast cereal (I think there is a cereal back home called Corn Puffs or something similar).

The tents where the people who sort the trash and crush ice for the Fish Market live.
There is a mini-business crushing ice from blocks for the Fish Market every morning using these old crank operated machines. Some are turned by hand and some have engines. In summer this ice would have been gone or melted by 8:00am, and there would be many crushers running, but since it's winter it's still sitting there after the market has closed.
I meant to post a photo of this back in August. At the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese tradition is to eat "moon cakes", which are a kind of crust filled with various things, such as bean, fruit, crushed nut, black sesame seed, taro root, and so on. They are especially supposed to be eaten while looking at the full moon on Mid-Autumn Day. When given as gifts, they are packaged in a gorgeous cigar-style box, each cake individually packaged and artfully arranged inside the box. I wished that I didn't have to throw out the box, it was so pretty, so I took a picture of the empty box to remember it by.

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