Monday, January 10, 2011

Long overdue post

Sorry I haven't posted, the holiday season was crazy with a lot of extra work hours.

Today I went to the big supermarket, walked on the way there instead of taking the bus. The temperature has been hovering around 32 F / 0 C lately, but it's sunny and dry and it hasn't been windy, so it doesn't feel as cold.

I also went to the farmers' market, then came home and cooked up some Mapo Tofu (a dish I was first introduced to in Chinese restaurants in Japan), which is spicy tofu with pork and onions; it's my second time making it and it's so good I wish I had done it sooner! I have a "Chinese cooking for dummies" cookbook that has come in very handy, especially the "how-to" tips.

Getting close to the time to go home but I haven't gotten my ticket yet; I'm still trying to figure out how to get the cat on the plane/train from here to Beijing, as the domestic airlines will only take a pet as "baggage" but the weather will be below freezing so too cold to do that in February. From Beijing I can take a US airline and I can take the pet in the plane with me.

My classes for this semester are ending the next few weeks, some classes ended already. From now on there will be a lot of promotional classes, which is fine as I won't have to be creating any new lessons from here on out, that reduces my stress and workload.

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