Thursday, July 8, 2010

My New Apartment

Here is a photo tour of my new apartment. I took these pictures yesterday after I've been unpacking and settling in for a few days.

This is the hallway on my floor (13, hahaha!). It is kind of grubby, and the lights go out when you don't move for more than 60 seconds. The first floor landing is really yuck, so I was a little trepidatious by this time.
Closer... there are 4 doors on each end of the hallway. Mine is the first on the right, not seen in this photo but you get the idea.
And, looking into the door... yay! It's beautiful inside!
The living room as seen from the entry hall. The kitchen is on the left, master bedroom in the middle, small bedroom on the right.

Looking to the right, you can see the small bedroom doorway and the big decorative bookshelf.
Turning more right, looking back toward the entry. The bathroom door is in the entry hall.
Turning more to the right, the wraparound sofa. I have covered part of it with sheets to make it more comfortable.

Looking straight into the bathroom doorway.
Looking to the left, my washing machine and hot water tank.
Looking to the right, the shower. The floor in here is not slanted properly for the water to go down the drain (normal in every bathroom I've seen here so far), so I have to mop the floor after each shower. BUT, I am still grateful to have a shower.
And the toilet, which, since the water to the toilet is currently out of service, I flush using the pink basin. Apparently the water is on a different line than everything else, and there is apparently no estimate as to when it will be operational again. I wonder if it means the toilet uses reclaimed water.
The kitchen, just big enough for me and the cockroaches. The new microwave is still in its box on the floor because I don't want to give up my tiny counter space for it. Looking for a small table to put it on.
View from the kitchen and bedroom windows, from right to left.
And looking straight down.
There is a tiny sitting garden at the base of the building.
The master bedroom from left to right.
My laundry area.

My computer desk - the hard metal stool has now been replaced by a wooden chair which both looks and feels much better.
This apartment has lots of closet space in both bedrooms. Since the king bed takes up this whole room, I use this closet for storage and have my clothes in the other room.
The head of the bed, and you can see there is a lovely opaque etched glass window between this and the other bedroom (which is pretty, but makes me glad I live alone).
The etched glass window as seen from inside the smaller bedroom. The left wall of the small room is also opaque glass (or plastic) and is the back of the decorative bookcase in the living room.
The closet of the small bedroom. The box from the refrigerator is still in there.


  1. Joshooah Lovenkraft09 July, 2010 07:14

    Seems much better than your old place! Moving is such a pain so I hope you enjoy your new temporary home. How many floors are those apartments and is there a 4th floor (4 being almost homophonous to the word death, which you probably knew about already).

  2. it looks lovely! I am glad you are in a good place! I hope the unpacking goes quick.
    much love,

  3. GL: Thanks! I like the new place.

    Joshooah: I haven't noticed skipped floor numbers in any buildings here. The number 4 doesn't seem to be avoided as strictly here as in Japan.

    Rose: I am pretty much unpacked now, except for a few odds and ends. This place feels much more homey already.

  4. Wow that is a huge place! :) And lovely! :) These photos are almost talking to me like: Go to China to visit Malia! :D Love the view! :)

  5. Thanks Makavelina! DDFN!

  6. DDFN! :) Have to reply to your email soon, I still am very busy and when I got home from work I usually forget to reply my emails :D sorry.... *blush*

  7. Oh good, I was worried that you hadn't received my email... ;)

  8. Hey girl! Sorry I have been busy, love the new place and glad everythign si going well. Do you feel better?
    Miss you!


  9. I am so sorry I don't get one as much as i should!!! Still looking for a job here. You new place looks very nice but did i miss something? How come you moved? Now you can't watch the ladies dancing. lol
    Send me and email and I PROMISE to answer, Promise!!!!! Love you hon, can't wait to see you angain. How is it REALLY going out there? :-)

  10. Julie, yes, I'm feeling mostly healthy now, but the last three weeks have been very exhausting. Hope things are well with you.

    Linda, sorry to hear that the job search is taking so long for you. I moved because I was transferred to a branch school. I like this neighborhood so much better than my old one. I don't seem to have your email address anywhere but will try to message you on FB when I'm feeling less exhausted.