Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday night

Still recovering from the bronchitis. Taught on Wednesday and Thursday evenings without much difficulty, but that's just one hour per day.  I hope I've rested enough to survive the next 3 days, as this weekend will be even more intense than usual, with the addition of the school Easter party and working on Monday.  9 hours on Saturday, 8 hours on Sunday, and 3 hours on Monday.  Then I'll come home and sleep until Tuesday night...

I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday, and now it wants to spasm.  Can't find anything resembling an ice pack here; frozen goods are not packaged the same as they are at home. The pharmacy sells these sort of giant sticky bandages infused with Tiger Balm, it helps a bit and gee, I sure smell interesting.

I got all my lessons done by 7pm tonight, I'm getting them done a bit earlier each week, which feels really good. 

Spring is coming here.  The trees have the buds of leaves and flowers on them.  I am hoping that when things leaf out, Jinan will be much more beautiful.  As a Californian, arriving here at the end of winter probably gave me the worst possible impression, with all the trees looking dead.  Will have to look for some houseplants one of these days.


  1. Just want to send you a hug! I hope you're feeling much better now. My little respiratory infection was only really awful for a couple of days which was kind of a nice surprise for me.
    I think you are wise not to hold off on the antibiotics.
    Having experienced a bit of Chinese winter might help you enjoy spring even more.

  2. I meant wise to hold off on the antibiotics and not to be too quick to take them.

  3. What Kaimi said. Also I remember my mom using steam to help loosen coughs, either with a hot shower if it is available or the old towel and steam kettle along with some Vicks VapoRub if you have that or ecualyptus.

  4. Thanks for the support, Kaimi. I still have the lingering cough from time to time, so am still taking the herbal stuff to loosen it.

    Dmom, I could try a steam and put one of the cough drops in it, I suppose. Just hard to muster up the energy to actually do it.