Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First Impressions

Made it to Jinan. At first glance, Jinan is more like Taipei or Tijuana than like Tokyo, very industrial, smoggy, there is a layer of dirt that is on EVERYTHING. The person who previously occupied this apartment apparently had an aversion to cleaning (and possibly bathing). I'll be cleaning for days. Managed to figure out the washing machine, yay!


In this pic you can see my bed, on which is a blanket that smells of prior occupants but not as badly as the comforter, which I stuffed into a closet.  Also my desk with my laptop, and the porch-like room that holds the washer and a weird little thing that looks like a miniature urinal but I guess is a mop sink.  The clothing drying poles are suspended on pulleys that can be cranked to move them up and down for use or to get them out of the way.  The left end of the curtain rod fell apart totally when the curtain was moved, so I hooked the curtain hooks onto the remaining hardware and tied the curtains together for the time being.

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